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"These illustrations punctuate her energetic and (can one in this context say it?) ‘free’ translation of around half of Catullus’ poems. Some [Isobel Williams] translates several times. There are seven or so versions of the two-line poem about Catullus’ love-hate relationship with his mistress, ‘Odi et amo’. One of these sounds a bit like Ezra Pound in troubadour mode: "I hate where I do love. Perchance / Thou seek’st to know de quelle façon / [Doffs hat, strums lute-strings]./ I don’t know. It’s hurting. Here." Another sounds like a resentful adolescent: "Stuck in a hate-love trap. / ‘How does it make you feel?’ / Don’t give me that counselling crap. / The wheel has spikes. Bones snap."" Colin Burrow LRB

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