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"The notion that poetry must be serious is false." Carl Wilkinson • The Observer
"Unless you know what the form is, breaking out of it would be pointless." Margaret Atwood • The Independent
"The long, slow haul of a career as a critic, with its period of apprenticeship, dedication and accumulation of wisdom and experience, is suddenly becoming a thing of the past." Michael Coveney • Prospect
"The fights Ashbery picks in Other Traditions cast considerable light back on both person and poet." Ron Silliman • Silliman's Blog
"For the Czech poet Zbynek Hejda, the avoidance of public, triumphalist rhetoric was an act of quiet resistance." Toby Litt • The Guardian
"Wonder might be the common effect of a spectacle culture, democratic only insofar as most of us can now buy some little wonder-fix." Hal Foster • The Nation
"As poets, we put so much stock in the need to remember that perhaps we undervalue the importance of forgetting." Beth Ann Fennelly •
"No living poet writes with Frank Bidart's fusion of emotional ferocity and formal exactitude." Peter Campion • Boston Globe
"The romance of oblivion is what gives Donald Justice's poetry its melancholy beauty." Adam Kirsch • The New Republic
"When literary critics do their work well, they show us how to be the readers that poets want us to become." Langdon Hammer on Helen Vendler • The New York Times
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"Poetry that was brash, funny, risk-taking, and fully alive when written remains bold and fresh." William Corbett on Ted Berrigan's Collected Poems • Boston Phoenix
"People often wish serious literature to be more outspoken in our own terms and less embedded in the distant register of its own." Andrew O'Hagan • The Daily Telegraph
"There's so little time, and art — especially poetry — is a matter of seepage, of slow accumulation; it doesn't warn, it laments." David Harsent • The Guardian
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"If prose can cast a spell we will listen to it no matter what it's saying." Lorrie Moore • The Believer
"I'd like to find some way of writing that was less exorbitant, less antagonistic, less cannibalistic." Michael Hofmann • ReadySteadyBook
"Poets would surely forsake any prize money for the sake of just one timelessly memorable poem." John Mullan • The Guardian
"The power and grace of R.S. Thomas's late poems put him in the rare company of artists whose careers ended with a final, stunning burst of creativity." Marc Pietrzykowski • Contemporary Poetry Review
"The classics are no longer crucial because we do not experience a continuity with their world." Garry Wills • Poetry
"With each new book, Adam Phillips has made psychoanalytic thought livelier and more poetic than ever." Gideon Lewis-Kraus • The New York Times
"Some of the pleasures we take in any art form owe less to what is created and what that means, and more to how well something is made." David Morley on Sinéad Morrissey • The Guardian

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