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"This isn't writing: it's out-writing, and the spectacle of two brilliant out-writers grinding each other down over thirty years is astounding." Dan Chiasson on the letters of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell • The New Yorker
"People are funny. Words are funnier. And poems, when they're at their smartest and best-made, are funniest of all." David Kirby on Brenda Shaughnessy • The New York Times
"What happens when the poet who has been told his country has no history sits down to write an epic?" Colin Dayan on Aimé Césaire • Boston Review
"He didn’t have to try to translate his perceptions into language; he understood that he must see in language." Richard Hell on Rimbaud • The New York Times
"For Milosz, Krakow was the culmination of a journey that was spiritual as well as geographical." Cynthia Haven • Los Angeles Times

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Diana Bridge Trout

Frederick Seidel The New Yorker

Paul Muldoon Manchester Review


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