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"Joyce can never have seemed more Jewish." James Joyce in Judapest, by Brenda Maddox • TLS Is James Joyce’s grandson suppressing scholarship? D.T. Max • The New Yorker
"Some difficulty is warranted and other difficulty I think is gratuitous. And I think I can tell the difference." Billy Collins • Guernica
"Much, perhaps too much has been written about Lorine Niedecker's relations with Louis Zukofsky. In contrast, almost nothing has been said about Niedecker's true kindred spirit in poetry, Charles Reznikoff." Eliot Weinberger • Jacket
"I want to write my poems on the sky, so everyone can read them." Huang Xiang talks to Susan Hutton • Poetry Foundation
"We agreed on a deadline of 1942. I finally completed the first version of the anthology in spring 1988. I don't regret chasing down great poems all my life." Gyorgy Faludy • HVG
"In debating 'the personal,' it's easy to lose sight of a related issue — poetry's trembling, uncertain relationship with 'the public.'" David Orr • The New York Times
"While Dan Chiasson may not be half as good as he sometimes thinks he is, that's still rather better than most." William Wootten • The Guardian
"Perceptions aren't just more entertaining than formal schemes of explanation, they're also more explanatory." Clive James on film criticism • The New York Times
"From reading Pound we have learned to take what we need and discard the rest." Sunil Iyengar • Contemporary Poetry Review
"What makes no sense may yet meaning show." Oskar Pastior, by Martin Lüdke • Sign and Sight

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