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"Students eagerly wanting to buy 'the new book by Elizabeth Bishop' should be told to go back and buy the old one." Helen Vendler on Edgar Allan Poe and The Juke-box • The New Republic "Ms. Vendler's review, not surprisingly, has people in poetry circles buzzing." Motoko Rich • The New York Times
"If Samuel Menashe is as accomplished and important as this new wave of serious attention suggests he is, how is it possible that his work has gone uncelebrated for so long?" Kurt Brown • Boston Review
"I'm just grateful that I've been allowed to stay at home and do it. Oh my God. The idea of an office." Hugo Williams talks to Rachel Cooke • The Observer
"The man in the café who loved to evoke small, closed rooms? He opened many doors." Brad Leithauser on Cavafy • The New York Times
"Richard Wilbur continues to pursue 'the slight uncertainty which makes us sure'." Jay Parini • The Guardian
"Memory remains the springboard for the poems but it is infused with a piercing sense of threat." Ben Naparstek • The Times "The more I thought about it, the more it seemed right to keep faith with the London lines." Seamus Heaney on District and Circle • The Times
"When all the objections have been lodged, Yeats's work survives as a purely motivated, greatly active power for good." Seamus Heaney • The Guardian
"The stylistic limitations we choose quickly cease to be limitations, even when we identify them as such." David Orr on Samuel Menashe • The New York Times
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"His poems didn't read literally, but lyrically, as dreamscapes, or wordscapes, full of rocky outcroppings of meanings... You could feel the presence of lovers, of desire, of the intense cruisiness of the times." Mark Mardon on Aaron Shurin • Bay Area Reporter
"However much we want inspiration, if it disturbs our normal sense of ourselves then we are going to resist it." Adam Phillips • The Observer
"Louise Glück reminds us that poetry ought to take us where we don't want to go and bring us back as we never were before." Nicholas Christopher • The New York Times
"He was a maniac who managed with consummate skill to convert that mania into lasting poetry." Edna O'Brien on Samuel Beckett • The Guardian
"A creator of work that was bizarre, unique, sinister, bleak, funny, touching — and sometimes achingly moving." Mark Espiner on Ivor Cutler • The Guardian "He showed up at the BBC with half a boiled egg taped to his forehead." Colin Irwin • The Independent
"Her work has to be understood as the record of one hypersensitive person's cautious, watchful, self-conscious inching towards the truth." Anne Stevenson on Elizabeth Bishop • The Guardian
"Skeptical readers may be forgiven for doubting Auden’s sincerity, even at his most serious." David Yezzi • The New Criterion
"When he wants to he can make the building shake." Michael Schmidt on Geoffrey Hill • PN Review / ReadySteadyBook
"The beasts the Modernists trapped in the wild come to today’s poets in zoo cages." Adam Kirsch • Contemporary Poetry Review
"Jennifer Michael Hecht has found what so many would-be populists seek, an idiom entirely conversational yet able to sustain unexpected ideas." Stephen Burt • The Believer
"There is great emotion in his work, great turmoil under the hard, glittering surface." Derek Mahon on Swift • The Guardian
"Can one celebrate the local, the immediate, and yet at the same time be part of the broader world?" Alexander McCall Smith • Scotland on Sunday
"William Bronk's poems are all about wanting and how there is no end to it." Kay Ryan • Poetry
"It's not what you know that's important; it's what your passion gives you the potential to discover." My life as a gatecrasher, by Geoff Dyer • The Threepenny Review

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