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"For many readers, Paul Muldoon's work has proved baffling and exciting in nearly equal measure." David Burleigh • Modern Haiku
"If Eliot's edge of emotional destitution has cut its influence into the work of young poets these days — well, that doesn't seem hard to explain." Allan M. Jalon • San Francisco Chronicle
"Words, for Freud, are what we do our wanting with." Adam Phillips • The Guardian
"There is a fine role for poetry as social work, but let's not pretend that it's the same as poetry as art." Christina Patterson • The Independent
"We're not looking at early drafts of work she published. It's just really different stuff." Alice Quinn on Elizabeth Bishop's uncollected poems • The Atlantic
"Is Burns finally becoming cool?" Lesley Riddoch • The Guardian
"Without plagiarism, there would be no literature. I'm a complete rewrite man, like our Willy Shakespeare." Christopher Logue talks to Liz Hoggard • The Observer
"Charles Reznikoff is unsurpassed in conveying the sense that the world is worth getting right." Joshua Clover • The New York Times
"For all the grimed orchards, we begin to see something like happiness." Nicholas Lezard on Geoffrey Hill's Without Title • The Guardian
"Not since Philip Larkin has a living British poet straddled the commercial and critical arenas with such finesse." Xan Brooks on Carol Ann Duffy • The Guardian
"He's the most magnificent failure in world literature." Chris Daniels on Pessoa • Jacket
"In the hands of poets, search engines can be springboards to beauty, truth and whatever else is out there." Susan M. Schultz • Boston Review
"Is there such a thing as 'women's poetry'?" Meghan O'Rourke, J. Allyn Rosser and Eleanor Wilner • Poetry (via Poetry Daily)
"The larger world in which these books were written barely penetrates." Robert Potts on the Eliot prize contenders • The Observer
"Edwin Morgan's aliveness to voice makes him a writer whose works for the stage are exceptionally vibrant." Ali Smith • The Guardian
"Much contemporary poetry, especially contemporary British poetry, is not able to 'write about anything,' and I think it should be able to do so." Edward Larrissy talks with Bernard Beatty • The Argotist Online
"On the page as on the stage, Patti Smith is an undaunted embodiment of the idea that practicing art is a human necessity." Meghan O'Rourke • Slate
"What a strange radio is Henry, set on some curious scan-mode that straddles centuries and cultures." David Wojahn on John Berryman • Blackbird
"If there is one thing more dispiriting than a fat anthology of Theory, it is a fat anthology of attacks on Theory." Simon Jarvis • TLS
"How is the 'intimacy effect' produced on the page?" Helen Vendler's introduction to Invisible Listeners • Princeton University Press
"The Lilly gift to the Poetry Foundation may be an experiment relevant to all serious art struggling to subsist in America. What can you change with a large amount of money?" Wesley Yang • The Boston Globe
". . . what we need is to be drawn / high into the poem's cloud-filled air / and allowed to fall / on rocks real enough to hurt." David Orr on Billy Collins • The New York Times
"His is a broken instrument that can sing beautifully, and what it sings about is being broken and graceful and tough." John Palattella on Ted Berrigan • The Nation
"O baseball! O balmy nights! O Kenneth Koch!" Melanie Rehak • The Nation
"There is a seeming cheat involved when you have the advantage of the poet's voice. The poem comes off the page." Michael Schmidt • PN Review/ReadySteadyBook
"James Schuyler’s poetry is like attention deficit disorder turned to lyric advantage." W. S. Di Piero • Poetry
"We should learn about people in other places, not because that will bring us to agreement but because it will help us get used to one another." The case for contamination, by Kwame Anthony Appiah • The New York Times Magazine
"Will we ever make our peace with T.S. Eliot?" David Barber • The Boston Globe
"Mostly I just start reading anywhere. It's the way one reads poetry, over time, to question familiarity or confirm awe, and I'm reminded of something the poet Joseph Brodsky said to me about Roth: that there is a poem on every page of his." Michael Hofmann on Joseph Roth • The Guardian

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