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"His ear is as good as his eye, the ferocity of which makes him quite a frightening friend." Nicholas Shakespeare on Murray Bail's notebooks • The Sunday Telegraph
"Even the best of us can lose our footing in troubled times. The crucial thing is to keep after the truth." Timothy Snyder on Milosz's Legends of Modernity • The Nation
"So light triumphs, yes." Don Coles • Globe and Mail
"I heard Donald Rumsfeld say: 'Last throes could be a violent last throe, or a placid and calm last throe. Look it up in the dictionary.' " What I heard about Iraq in 2005, by Eliot Weinberger • London Review of Books
"Under its new editor, Poetry has done what long seemed impossible: It has reclaimed its place at the center of American poetry." Adam Kirsch • The New York Sun
"We need prizes so that we can complain about how stupid they are." Louis Menand • The New Yorker
"With its extraordinary speed, scope and audacity, Anne Winters's poetry both expresses our time and resists it." Robert Pinsky • The Nation
"Kay Ryan's tiny poems turn out to be full of color and argument." David Kirby • The New York Times
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"Shut down all literature departments, close the book reviews, ban the critics. The readers should be alone with the books." Philip Roth talks to Martin Krasnik • The Guardian
"How are we to account for the phenomenon of Rilke's appeal?" Sean O'Brien • Poetry Review
"The interesting thing in life is not having an idea, but realizing it." Peter Watson talks to Deborah Solomon • The New York Times Magazine
"The most notable quality of Kenneth Koch's lifetime of poetry is not jokiness but lyricism." Emily Nussbaum • The New York Times
"Progress in art," he wrote, "does not consist in expanding one's limitations, but in knowing them better." Julian Barnes on Braque • London Review of Books
"Seldom has glamour cohabited with intelligence so forcefully and so seductively." Peter Porter on Rochester • TLS
"Georges Perec hands the world back to his readers, but it is not quite the one we're accustomed to; it is ever so much wider, and an odd, mysterious, hospitable place." James Gibbons • BookForum
"Our minds are conditioned by the wrong kind of nature poem, the kind that leaves us comfortable, melancholy, inert. Nostalgic. Dishonest." Alice Oswald on Ted Hughes • The Guardian
"The ubiquitous designation 'Holocaust poet' has eclipsed the role of sound, rhythm, tone and spatial form in the lyric of Paul Celan." Marjorie Perloff • Boston Review
"Wislawa Szymborska's lightness is never denial or indifference; it is a subtle means of defiance." Cynthia Haven • San Francisco Chronicle
"The sound of a poem is as crucial to its meaning as the achievements of the words on the page." Andrew Motion writes in the TLS on The Poetry Archive

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