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"If one were forced to select a single word to exemplify Bishop's peculiar charm and power, it might well be 'No'." Brad Leithauser • Wall Street Journal
"There has been a gradual, perhaps calcifying professionalism which requires of a poet a standard of behavior and communality which poets were once exempted from." Eavan Boland • Poetry
"Catherine Breese Davis wrote of loss, abandonment, destitution, despair and decrepitude—and she knew what she was talking about." Cynthia Haven • Stanford Report
"These poems have a permanence about them that belies their fragility. Some of them even approach that supposed impossibility: the tautology that contains knowledge." Laurie Duggan on Gael Turnbull • Jacket
"Kleinzahler writes in a strongly accented free verse that is among the most articulate and alive sounds American poetry is currently making" Dwight Garner • The New York Times
"Zukofsky was in many ways the last of the real modernists." Michael Dirda • The Washington Post
"He was, she said, 'a very perverse poet who would often bugger up a perfectly good poem with a pun in the last line'." Peter Wilby on George Barker • The Guardian
"Again and again he sets out to determine freshly what matters, knowing that there can be no rules for finding it, including those he has invented." Langdon Hammer on John Ashbery • The New York Times
"Imposing my own style would take away some of the enjoyment of translating." Lydia Davis talks to Jason McBride • Poetry Foundation
"Poets look into paintings as a more distilled, more heightened form of experience that will yield a revelation." Debra Allbery • The Cortland Review
"In our time there are precisely two kinds of poets: populists and snots." David Mason on light verse • Contemporary Poetry Review
"My life outside poetry is suicidally normal." Steve McOrmond • CV2
"Such poetry succeeds as grandeur; it fails as portentousness." James Longenbach on Jorie Graham • The New York Times
"If Laura Kasischke’s poems get half the attention they deserve, they will be praised not just for their music, but for the way they capture the excitements and the anxieties of a generation." Stephen Burt • Boston Review
"Frank O'Hara was essentially a self-elegist: poem after poem explores that darker sense of his 'own ceaseless going'." Dan Chiasson • The New Yorker

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