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"This is translation not quite as 
autobiography, but maybe as “auto-graphy”: turning out my pockets, Schwitters-style, a bus ticket, a scrap of newspaper, a fag-packet, a page torn out of a diary." Michael Hofmann • Poetry
"Empedocles, who put his thoughts, scientific and philosophical, into verse, believed that sight was produced by a fire within the eye going forth to meet the object. What is scientifically unsound, poetry demonstrates otherwise." Marius Kociejowski • PN Review
"Perhaps the most intriguing thing is this idea that Pilinszky is a silent poet, a poet speaking with great effort, but also with great clarity." Tara Bergin • Hungarian Review
"Davenport was not a writer's writer; he was the writer writer's writers read to learn their art." Michael Robbins • Chicago Tribune
"I remember being in Slovenia on a Friday night and noticing how a group of revellers stood on the kerb waiting for the light to change before crossing, despite there being no traffic. That wouldn’t happen in Dublin." David Wheatley • Graph
"I will travel to Ghana to be present at the burial of Kofi Awoonor. I will because he is a great Ghanaian poet. I will because he is a remarkable African thinker and mentor. I will because he traveled to Jamaica from Ghana to bury my father, his dear friend and mentor, in 1984. I will because he is my uncle, my mother’s cousin." Kwame Dawes • Wall Street Journal "In America, Awoonor published a second volume of poetry, Night of My Blood, and a novel, This Earth, My Brother… (both 1971). These works drew on Ewe oral traditions but also allude to Dante, Pablo Neruda, TS Eliot and European writers." Lyn Innes • Guardian
"Dumb is not an inborn condition. You get to dumb after going through smart. Smart is stupid because it stops at smart." Kenneth Goldsmith • The Awl

"There are writers who feel that being published sets them above other writers. And there are writers who, though not yet published, might imagine that when it does happen for them their lives will change dramatically." Matthew Welton on Plagiarism • The Carcanet Blog

"I’m about as interested in what poetry is for as a plumber in what plumbing’s for." William Logan • New Criterion
"Jernigan is at her best in All The Daylight Hours when she lets the daylight of today into her work." Michael Lista on Amanda Jernigan • National Post

"The floors of her poems are scattered with the detritus of motherhood: Playmobil toys, Superman costumes, Barbie dolls. Her settings include all-night pharmacies, farmers’ markets, a daily bus ride to a soul-withering job." A.E. Stallings on Kiki Dimoula • Parnassus

"How could such a skewed summation have made its way into the new, more globally minded Princeton?" Kent Johnson • Chicago Review
"The wild joy of writing now has to do with deepening my capacity to enter into and sustain an equivocation, a space of cognitive ambivalence where, rather than promoting and defending substantive positions, I explore the spaces between the substantives—the scary groundless middle before you make an argumentative leap." Lisa Robertson in conversation with Andy Fitch • Conversant
"The Seamus Heaney who was renowned the world over was never a man who took himself too seriously, certainly not with his family and friends. He had, after all, a signal ability to make each of us feel connected not only to him but to one another. We’ve all spent many years thinking about his poetry. We’ll all spend many more years thinking about it." Paul Muldoon • New Yorker

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