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"All of your previous work and all of your previous life must be there somewhere." Paul Muldoon talks to Nicholas Wroe • The Guardian
"Peter Cole has given us an anthology that is genuinely groundbreaking in its opening of the poetic field." Marjorie Perloff on The Dream of the Poem • BookForum
"Here was a poet who used 'I' like a scalpel." John Freeman on Frederick Seidel • The Australian
"Frequently in Australian poetry there's a sense of poetry going out to meet the world in shapes that might have been novelistic or dramatic." Peter Craven • The Australian
"Poetry written for the ear speaks to the ear before it appeals to the mind or asks for an interpretation." Anne Stevenson Poetry
"Ashbery's poems are frequently stalked by some ominous but obscure threat." Mark Ford • Financial Times
"The Poetry Foundation, however misguided or impolitic, hasn’t given up on poetry. The question is: Has The New Yorker?" David Orr • The New York Times
"At 87, Edwin Morgan is still meeting the world with his hallmark daring, trickstery inventiveness." Kathleen Jamie • The Guardian

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