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"I feel a kindred spirit to the Chinese poets of the Tang dynasty who write about being cast into exile in the western mountains." August Kleinzahler talks to James Campbell • The Guardian
"It is only through attention to these minute aspects of poetic language that tone is produced." James Longenbach on Cavafy • The New York Times
"Emerson’s plea for creative reading and writing-- no matter how tin our ears are to it now-- had nothing to do with writing stories or poems." J. C. Hallman • Bookslut
"If these poems are monologues then they are also travesties of the idea of a monologue." V. Joshua Adams on Katie Degentesh • Chicago Review (PDF)
"Stephen Burt offers what may be the first concentrated statement explaining how and why we, consumers and writers of contemporary poetry, read." Craig Morgan Teicher • Time Out New York
"Frederick Seidel’s qualities as a poet are in direct opposition to the poetry of many of his peers." Wyatt Mason • The New York Times Magazine
"The narrative forms they introduce might also be examples of extinct technology, not quite road- or sea-worthy." Joyelle McSweeney on Lyn Hejinian • Boston Review
"The trade-off for tackling a Big Topic is the tendency to deliver a message wrapped in a filo pastry of philosophy, baked halfway and served with a sprig of self-righteousness." Joan Houlihan on D. A. Powell • CPR
"I'm not making something, I'm trying to hear it." Alice Oswald talks to Stephen Knight • The Independent
"We cannot have great poetry without great poetry criticism, so critics, please, do your job." Matthew Zapruder • Poetry Foundation

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