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"A novel is a basket that carries inside it a dreamworld we wish to keep forever alive." Orhan Pamuk • The Guardian
"If something is timeless, then it will also be timely." Robert Fagles on The Aeneid • The New York Times
"Don Paterson has produced a Rilke who is riveting because of his difficulty." Adam Phillips • The Observer
"Tomas Tranströmer is fascinated by the pressure between the world we know and the hidden world we cannot deny." Robin Robertson • The Guardian
"For Paul Muldoon, tragic stories in arbitrary cages make for the ultimate effect." Helen Vendler • The New Republic
"His method might be taken as playful, but there is nothing funny in what he is talking about." James Fenton on Paul Muldoon • The Guardian
"Poetry is both flourishing and floundering in Britain because it has a split identity." Neil AstleyNew Statesman poetry special
"There is another lineage and avenue in Indian writing in English than the one Midnight's Children opened up." Amit Chaudhuri on Arun Kolatkar • The Guardian
"Michael Longley is simultaneously the weightiest and most light-fingered of poets." David Wheatley • The Guardian
"Lorca was a minstrel, and he understood poetry as an oral expression." Ralph Angel • Words Without Borders
"If people in the future want to know what many lives were like in the second half of the 20th century, they should read Alan Brownjohn." Anthony Thwaite • The Guardian
"Similar-looking poetic surfaces can be the manifestations of very different underlying aesthetics." Fragment, juxtaposition and completeness, by Tony Hoagland • The Cortland Review
"A poet cannot create myths; he can only employ and embellish the ones he has inherited." Adam Kirsch on Hart Crane • The New Yorker

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Jane Hirshfield The Guardian

Teresa Svoboda Blackbird

Rae Armantrout Green Integer Review


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