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"Despite the shambles of his political beliefs and the limitations of his poetics, he does stand for something." Louis Menand on Ezra Pound • The New Yorker
"It's the dictate of poetry that one ought not repeat oneself." Michael Hofmann talks to Stephen Knight • The Independent
"Kleinzahler's poems stumble and lope with a technique on the far side of fluency." Stephen Burt • The New York Times
"If there really are people who need poems with cameos by Orpheus, I wish them the best." Jordan Davis on Gregory Pardio • Constant Critic
"The author is not quite dead." Terry Eagleton • London Review of Books
"Is it a fault to keep your style? If you’ve got a great thing going, why mess with it?" Katha Pollitt on Charles Simic • The New York Times
"Literary studies should become more like the sciences." Jonathan Gottschall • The Boston Globe
"If contemporary poetry were a great manor house, Vendler would be its long-serving and unshakable manager." David Orr • The New York Times
"Kleinzahler is one of those writers, like Fitzgerald or Kafka, who describe a certain recurrent landscape so well that real-life situations can then feel Kleinzahleresque." John Cotter • Open Letters Monthly

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