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"At the end of the day, I suppose, I feel some covenant with the ... unlettered." Seamus Heaney talks to James Campbell • The Guardian
"Only in the mother tongue can one speak one's own truth." Celan and Amichai, by John Felstiner • The New Republic
"Pound allowed us to see, for the first time, the precise movements of the gear wheels inside these little black boxes." Four poets discuss the Chinese written character as a medium for poetry • Poetry London
"Far more than later ones, first novels exude the spirit of their age." Craig Seligman • BookForum
"A problem arises when an average poet like Billy Collins is hailed as one of the best that American poetry has to offer." Ernest Hilbert • Contemporary Poetry Review
"The price of ploughing a lonely furrow is often to mistake it for the only path across the field." Clive James on A.D. Hope • TLS
"Samuel Menashe shows an alien's abiding fascination with the sheer peculiarity of American speech." David Kaufmann • The Forward
"I assume myself to be an average human being, and I figure if I make things clear and interesting to myself, others might find them so." Richard Wilbur • Poetry Foundation
"While interactive narrative may be a nonstarter, interactive poetry works remarkably well." Clive Thompson • Collision Detection
"If it was possible for somebody to invent a poet then it seemed possible to invent yourself as a poet." Laurie Duggan • Text
"A poem is not about; it is out of and to." Adrienne Rich • Virginia Quarterly Review

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