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"Sustaining authentic emotional participation, as Jack Gilbert has in his life as a poet, is terrifying and hard, and is practically a lost art." Sarah Manguso • Poetry Foundation
"John Betjeman makes most modern poets look either desperately amateurish or desperately professional." Hugo Williams • The Guardian
"Realism is nothing like as naive as its many opponents charge." James Wood • Prospect
"Material texts may not be necessary to maintain a literary career — 'texts of silence' will do as well; better, perhaps." Claire Harman • TLS
"It is, as ever, in the music of his poetry that Geoffrey Hill resolves the tensions in his thought." Clive Wilmer • The New Statesman "In Geoffrey Hill, the English Baroque continues to enjoy its most spectacular flowering since the 17th century." Alan Marshall • The Sunday Telegraph
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"Eavan Boland's poems creep forward cautiously, full-stop by full-stop, as though trying to hear the echo of their own footsteps." John Redmond • The Guardian
"Maybe what is so frustrating about 'difficult' poetry is that it is an unwelcome reminder of the loss of poetry in our everyday lives." Charles Bernstein • Green Integer
"Instead of being forever at the mercy of editors, reviewers, and my own highly undependable literary resources, I would realign myself with the forces of nature, make my living under the sun and the wind and the rain." James Lasdun • London Review of Books
"I want the poem to want selflessness, but I want selflessness to have presence." Kathleen Peterson • GutCult
"Wordsworth is an indispensable figure in the evolution of modern writing." Seamus Heaney • The Guardian
"To read Charles Reznikoff's poems as contributions to an avant-garde formalist movement, as they have always been read, is to miss their true pathos and their deep appeal." Adam Kirsch • The New Republic
"Wislawa Szymborska's clear-eyed surveillance of life is not disillusioned, because it seems never to have had illusions." David Mehegan • The Boston Globe
"How awful it must be to wake up in the morning and remember that you are the poet laureate." Roy Hattersley • The Guardian
"For all his careful posing as the homme moyen, Philip Larkin was a poet to the tips of his nerves." John Banville • New York Review of Books
"Unfashionable things are much more complicated and intriguing phenomena than they might appear." Colin Burrow on Anthony Burgess • London Review of Books
"Ange Mlinko's second book offers both the conjuring spirit's vigor and the realist trickster’s charm." Stephen Burt • The Believer
"The constraints of form are spurs to the imagination: they are in fact the chief producers of imagination." George Szirtes • Poetry

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