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"As entertaining as they can be, William Logan's barbs often serve as distractions from the matter supposedly at hand: the poetry." Brian Henry • Verse
"Hardy's traditionalism obscures a kind of radical modernity." Meghan O'Rourke • Slate
"Somewhere between a critic's necessary superficiality and a writer's natural dishonesty, the truth of how we judge literary success or failure is lost." Zadie Smith • The Guardian
"Dark as it is that there are these sorrows and darker still that we can do so little to be rid of them the darkest is still to come." Frost's notebooks, by Christopher Benfey • The New Republic
"It is things that I don’t know yet that most interest me." John Ashbery talks to Deborah Solomon • The New York Times Magazine
"For writers, the fully lived life also means the interior life, the mental life." Craig Raine on T.S. Eliot • The Guardian
"During the past twenty years, a quiet Longfellow revival seems to have gained momentum." Christopher Benfey • TLS
"Poetry, apparently alone among the art forms, is asked to do more than be itself." Does poetry have a social function? by Stephen Burt, Daisy Fried, Major Jackson, Emily Warn • Poetry
"The man in the poems is the real man, while the man behind the poems just wants his privacy." Frederick Seidel talks to Alex Halberstadt • New York

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