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"I adored him but I loved being alone and writing and resented his impending presence and I couldn’t wait for him to come back so that I wouldn’t have so much room to decide what to do." Catherine Wagner • Bookslut
"In a perfect world... you would see people in the outdoor cafes along Upper Broadway reading [Wetzsteon's] third collection... the way pilgrims to Greenwich Village carry Scott Fitzgerald or Edna St. Vincent Millay." Adam Kirsch on Thom Satterlee and Rachel Wetzsteon • Contemporary Poetry Review
"Unexpected, unexposed avant-garde roots among many contemporary Canadian poets... just might signal a paradoxical return to the 'new.'"Triny Finlay • Arc
"I prefer the harrowing poems of [Jane] Kenyon's illness and death." David Hamilton on Donald Hall • Iowa Review
"Urban middle class cosmopolitan world peoples of all races have become speedy and rude." Gary Snyder • The Guardian
"How an individual poet constructs an audience, let alone a career, is fundamentally different today." Ron Silliman on critical anthologies • Silliman's Blog
"Cole has few illusions about 'tolerance' in either society, and he declines to idealize the Jewish experience even in Muslim Spain." Harold Bloom on The Dream of the Poem • New York Review of Books
"MI5 was also hard at work trying to identify Auden's 'younger brother,' a mythical figure." Edward Mendelson on Auden, Burgess and MI5 • Auden Society
"The thrill of reading Les Murray is seeing how the heart that feels will catch up with the eye that sees." Dan Chiasson • The New Yorker
"What would you call his feeling for the words/ That keep him rich and orphaned and beloved?" William Meredith, 1919-2007 • New York Times

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