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"Poetry ought to help us to love the snow that falls, not to incline us to lock us up again in our rooms." Yves Bonnefoy talks to Peter Craven • The Age
"Even in translation, we still have rich access to the acts of mind that his silences ask of us." Katie Peterson on Tomas Tranströmer • Boston Review
"If translation is always a matter of approximating, does it matter that Zbigniew Herbert's Collected Poems has its weaknesses? Well, yes." David Orr • The New York Times
"The language of poetry reforms itself from within, resisting all programs for reformation." James Longenbach • The New York Times
"A genius needs an element of stupidity, or something wrong, to become a great imaginative writer . . . But Sontag seems to have had nothing stupid about her at all." Eliot Weinberger • The New York Review of Books
"He was ill, but would run up all the stairs to his room, hoping to die at the top." Frank Kermode on A. E. Housman • LRB

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Dag T. Straumsvåg Circumference

Michael Palmer The Nation

Ryuichi Tamura Poetry International


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