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"For better and worse, Paul Muldoon's giddiness mirrors the present moment in American poetry." James Longenbach • Slate
"Galway Kinnell likes to heel-and-toe it between life and death." David Kirby • The New York Times
"Generation after generation of poets have had confidence in their place undermined." Don Paterson talks to Nicholas Wroe • The Guardian
"The best love poems are those in which we can watch the poet being seduced by the poem." Lavinia Greenlaw • TLS
"The fusion of farce and the frightening is something Ted Hughes understood very well." Craig Raine • TLS
"It’s hard to make a poem these days that is absolutely clear and direct — if the poem is really to be equal to its era." Paul Muldoon talks to Charles McGrath • The New York Times Magazine
"A page, when he looks at it, becomes a playground." Peter Conrad on Paul Muldoon's Oxford lectures • The Observer
"The poets are pros now, like the software coders, and they function smoothly as nodes in the great network." Walter Kirn on Allen Ginsberg • The New York Times
"Poetry has the capacity to remind us of something we are forbidden to see." Adrienne Rich • The Guardian
"It is one of the many good effects of Fenton's book to make us wonder why we want to call these poems love poems." Adam Phillips • The Observer
"There is widespread resistance to the notion that a poem's ideas are a legitimate area of inquiry." D. H. Tracy • Poetry
" 'Don't ask, don't tell' is the motto under which much love poetry is written." James Fenton • The Guardian
"Paul Muldoon's peculiar brilliance is to avoid giving away a position." Robert Potts • The Sunday Telegraph
"They are instantly striking and, like the finest verse, mysteriously persistent in the mind and even the nerves." Derek Mahon on the poems of Samuel Beckett • TLS

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