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"Is it not more honest to admit that the making of literature, at the nib’s end, is not so much a noble calling as one of the 'dirty habits' to which an author is compelled?" Anthony Lane on Beckett's letters • The New Yorker
"“The fifth and sixth and seventh book on Moby Dick matter. The 105th and the 106th, the 107th, they just get lost, even if they’re brilliant. How can you really take them into account when you’ve already got 105 out there?" Mark Bauerlein • Inside Higher Ed
"If Godot and Molloy lit up the dreary landscape of writing in the immediate post-war era, Beckett's letters are set to do the same for the new century." Gabriel Josipovici • TLS
"Rae Armantrout willingly turns a critical eye on her own poems, aware of the possibility that they risk mirroring a kind of commodity logic." Tim Griffin • BookForum
"Though it might be the best rebirth of all, no one can persuade poets to write less." Jeffrey H. Gray • The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Writing is activism — not documentation." Milan Gagnon on Juan Felipe Herrera • Poetry Foundation
"A sense of being tricked is what I have been left with." Adam Phillips on Dylan Thomas • Threepenny Review
"Stylistically, art is always moving from the transparent to the opaque." C. K. Williams • Poetry
"He serves the reader, to be sure — but by holding himself responsible to his subjects and to his language." Adam Kirsch on Seamus Heaney • The New Republic

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