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"To test oneself, Oppen recognized, is to know failure. Oppen's victories are no less great for being small." James Longenbach • The Nation
"The ability to project himself into the minds of others is a defining feature of Edwin Morgan's poetry." Sarah Crown • The Guardian
"Pound was such a cultural force that he would easily merit a biography even if he had never written a poem of his own." Charles McGrath • The New York Times
"I found a single leaf of peach-colored paper marked in ink with the words 'I wanted to be a family man / but I couldn’t keep my heart / under a map in a glovebox.'" Ben Ehrenreich on Frank Stanford • Poetry Foundation
"It's dangerous for a poet to believe that gloom is the precondition for seriousness." William Logan on Geoffrey Hill • The New York Times
"Creeley had a touch as light as a song, a touch that could only come from internalizing the whole tradition and letting it come naturally to him." Susan Stewart • The Nation
"Ashbery's poetry makes you wonder what the wish to understand may protect you from." Adam Phillips • The Observer

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